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About Me

I am a Ho Chi Minh City based documentary photographer. I am based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and I’ve lived and worked all over Southeast Asia and further regions for more than a decade covering editorial and commercial assignments in all genres.

I first came to Southeast Asia 17 years ago as a student and hold a Master’s degree (German Diplom) in Southeast Asian studies from the University of Bonn. With this academic background I can ensure in-depth knowledge of the region especially if it comes to assignments that go beyond capturing pure exotic beauty. I am also an Associate Lecturer of Photography at RMIT University Vietnam. As an academic my main interest lays in the representation of Asia through photography and the work of Asian Photographers.

I am fluent in German, English and Vietnamese and have basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia.

As an editorial photographer I am represented and sell my archive through laif, Germany’s most established photo agency. When it comes to commercial productions in Asia, especially luxury hotel and lifestyle shoots, I am working very closely with my beloved and trusted partners at Mott Visuals in Hanoi.

My work has been published in: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic Traveler, GEO Special, Mekong Review, Financial Times, The Seattle Times, Glamour, ELLE, Forbes, The Telegraph, The Australian, Der Freitag, Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, Zeit, TAZ, American Lawyer and various inflight magazines...